Friday, 29 March 2013

LONDON - A free day out

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So Much To See and Do

Credit card safely stowed at home, I tasked myself with the mission of enjoying being out and about in London on a minimal budget.  I have a two week holiday from work but am also on a strict saving plan so decided to stay 'home' in London for the duration of my holiday.  I'm a little bit bummed that everyone I know has either jetted off abroad to warmer climes or is working.  Life isn't that bad though - not when you're a money saving expert :-)

Using a range of social networking sites, I have managed to organise for myself some action packed, fun filled adventure. It's best to double and triple check offers because often what seems like a bargain is in fact not!  Many discount sites included added charges for booking fees, delivery and taxes.  All of these little fees all add up. 
Abby Road - a great free site in London (awesome people watching)

About once or twice a month I scroll through a range of sites and pick out events in London that pique my attention. I'm not one for just browsing through galleries or museums.   I prefer events - I love performance arts including theatre and modern dance.  I am quite judicious in which offers I take up as they aren't really saving me money if I wasn't that interested in the first place. And, given that some offers are limited, I would much prefer someone who is really interested in the event could attend it and enjoy it. 

Some suggested websites that I have found useful for planning a free day out in London include:

From just reading through twitter postings alone I am able to find out what is going on the city and also get instant feedback from other posters about cheap deals or how to get scarce tickets.  I haven't yet done the whole turn up at the theatre early thing and hope for a cheap ticket but, I have heard you can.

Part of the success, and my enjoyment of having a 'free vacation' is that I am forced to be open-minded to experiencing new events and visiting parts of London that I am less familiar with.  London is a very easy place to travel around and at times I crave a little bit more of an adrenaline rush.  Two weeks on a minimal budget is certainly providing me with ample opportunity for this!

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